Dan Heckel

Dan is a seasoned Senior Project Engineer and has a long history of digital media expertise with Solekai. He has years of knowledge with set top box and broadcast servers software. He is well versed in video processing, encryption, streaming and transfer as well as middleware architecture, development and embedded systems software architecture. Dan has had 15 years of software engineering know-how, 10 of which have been with Solekai Systems. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.





Languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, C#, Objective C
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OS20Lite, VxWorks, Nucleus OS
General Skills: device drivers, networking protocols, object oriented design, block cipher encryption algorithms, compilers, image processing, strong troubleshooting, mathematical and analytical skills
Digital Video Technologies: MPEG-2 video/transport streams, H.264/AVC video, AC3 audio, MPEG audio, AAC audio, DTS audio, Dolby MLP audio, DVB, ATSC, ASI, RTP, RTSP, SDI, ISO base media file format, UltraViolet, SCTE 30/35, HLS, DASH
Media Chipsets: Intel CE3100/4100, STi 55xx/5100, Broadcom 7401/7405, Conexant CX2417X/CX2418X
Other Technologies: XML, WDM drivers, COM, Bluetooth, IEEE 1394, OpenGL, SQL, JTAG, TCP/IP, UDP, DES, AES, ARM NEON, SDI, WCF, Microsoft Sync Framework

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Digital Media

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