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Sr. Project Manager & Solutions Architect
Gary has managed a wide range of Smart Grid, Internet of Things, Cloud, and Connected health projects for multi-million dollar long term contract with high degrees of proficiency and ...


Senior Principal Engineer
Kert is one of Solekai’s more seasoned Engineers and excels with every project he is placed on. He has years of experience in senior design, sensor network and end user device sof...


Vice President, Engineering
Jenny excels at managing Smart Grid engineering teams with projects ranging from application development and integration services to RF network management. She has a proven track r...


Senior Principal Engineer
Dan is a seasoned Senior Project Engineer and has a long history of digital media expertise with Solekai. He has years of knowledge with set top box and broadcast servers software. ...


Senior Software Architect
Kevin is smart grid expert and has been key in helping Solekai accomplish its largest deliverables. He is responsible for database development and maintenance for client network perform...