Kevin BollmanKevin is smart grid expert and has been key in helping Solekai accomplish its largest deliverables. He is responsible for database development and maintenance for client network performance, scalability and analytics. Kevin has devised and implemented test plans for scale testing and design architecture in many areas. He and his team provide exceptional customer support for massively scalable Smart Grid Systems. Kevin has 16 years of software engineer experience and started with Solekai in 2005. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.




Languages:  Scripting: Bash, Perl, Tcl/Tk(Expect), HTML, Make , and XML
Coding:  C/C++, Visual C#, .NET, Java, and Python
SQL: ANSI SQL and Administration of Postgresql, MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL
Tools/Technologies: Device Drivers and Hardware interfacing mainly in C, Embedded firmware (JTAG for ARM7/ARM9), CDMA ONE, IS95-B, EV-DO rev 0, MSM 6800
Platforms: Administration of Solaris, Linux and Windows variants

  • Unix Internals and CLI lore
  • Analytical Troubleshooting
  • System Architecture Designing
  • Tools to remove repetitive tasks

What I Do

Smart Grid

What I'm Good At

Scalability and Simulation