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Solekai is a diverse and rapidly-growing software engineering design services company in San Diego. Solekai specializes in design, development, integration, and test of Digital Media, Smart Grid, Connected Health, Mobility and Cloud Software for valued clients.

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Every day, more than one hundred Solekai software developers pour their expertise into creating superior software solutions and user experiences for some of the greatest technology companies and technology ecosystems on the planet.  Our deep domain expertise and industry experience in carefully selected vertical markets attracts forward-looking clients that require rapid, scalable, and high-quality development to meet mission-critical market needs.

Our Mission

Rapid, scalable high-quality software solutions for mission critical client needs.

Our Promise

Working at Solekai

Solekai considers its work environment and culture to be a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace. A strong emphasis is placed on maintaining the perfect balance between a fun and professional culture. This allows our company to attract and retain high quality people, and to provide a teamwork environment where client projects are completed on time at optimum performance.

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Our Team

Solekai attracts and maintains the high-end of the USA-based software development community. While others outsource to foreign markets, we believe in Made in America. Our industry leading clients already know from experience, that their costs are actually lowered, by getting it right the first time and getting it done faster with the best and brightest developers…on our own shores. From architecture, to development, to simulation, to test and QA, to delivery and analytics: once you try Solekai, you’ll be a client for life.

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