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Martin Caniff

President and CEO
Martin founded Solekai in 2002, and currently serves as president and CEO. He has over 30 years of experience in leading high performance teams of talented engineers. Prior to foun...

Marco Thompson

Executive CTO and Director
A familiar face in the boardrooms of a number of innovative San Diego concerns, Marco will call on over thirty years of engineering services management experience and a vast netw...

Barbara Rojas

Chief Financial Officer
Barbara is a member of the executive management team for Solekai Systems with responsibility for financial planning and analysis, accounting, compliance and treasury functions. Un...

Michael Daulerio

EVP, Marketing and Business Development
Mike is a technology executive with over 20 years of business development and product marketing expertise in semiconductors and consumer electronics markets managing the relationships...

Jenny Giblin

Vice President, Engineering
Jenny began her career at at Solekai in 2005 working as a Technical Writer. She showed such promise that she was quickly promoted to Project and Program Manager, later advancing to th...

Madonna Bentz

Vice President, Operations
Madonna is a member of the executive team for Solekai Systems with responsibilities for directing Human Resources, Operations and IT. Under her leadership, Solekai has grown its sta...

Michelle Woodward

Director, Marketing and Business Development
In her position as Director of Marketing and Business Development, Michelle has contributed significantly to Solekai Systems, leading the company through a successful re-branding ...