Our Promise

Solekai is committed to producing rapidly-developed, high-quality software solutions for transforming your business needs into exciting market results. Our promise is to deliver superior results, on time and on budget, that keep you coming back.

How We Work

  • Engage thoughtfully through a clear statement of work
  • Create high performance architectures and designs
  • Leverage project management to communicate well and keep projects on track
  • Honor confidentiality and intellectual property
  • Deliver rapid, high-quality results

The best way to experience Solekai expertise first hand is to test our team’s knowledge, skills, and flexibility with an initial assessment.


All successful software development projects have these things in common: a clear definition, a skilled technical team of engineers, an excellent project management, and on-time delivery. We know that if you had all the time and all the money you needed, you would just write the software yourself. Our job is to create the software solution on-time and on-budget to accelerate time to market.

"You did an excellent job delivering a world class Video-on-Demand implementation with good quality and attention to detail.”
- Anay Panvalkar, TiVo

JANUARY 9-12, 2018 CES Las Vegas, Nevada  https://www.cesweb.org/