Learning Culture

Solekai considers its work environment and culture to be a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace. A strong emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining a team-based work-life balanced culture. Our team of employees share excellent camaraderie, constantly working together and challenging each other to stay at the leading edge of technology. Our work allows the company to attract and retain high quality employees while providing an environment where quality work is completed on time, and within budget. Our employees have the freedom to take risks and make decisions that directly affect them. We want to consistently learn and grow, often times this is accomplished through measured risk taking. Our risk taking keeps our team at the cusp of innovation in a rapidly changing industry.

To strive to be the best, it’s smart to learn from the best. Our team of engineers aren’t self-proclaimed experts. They really are experts. Our engineers provide ten times the results of an average engineer. In addition to adding tremendous value, they remain vigilant in the constant pursuit of knowledge. You already know it’s much more effective to keep a smaller high quality team, rather than a large ordinary one. After all, it’s all about results.

I like working at Solekai because it's a "work hard, play hard" kind of place... It's nice to work with such talented and smart people, solving complex issues for our clients, and then having some great local craft beer with them at one of the regular "social" events.
- Adam

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