San Diego, CA. (September 8, 2014)

Solekai Systems Corporation (Solekai) announced today production licensing availability of its new, industry-leading “CFFGen” digital video generator. The generator is a software suite licensed to Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Content Service Providers, and Internet-Based Over-the-Top video-on-demand content providers to facilitate packaging of DECE-compliant CFF-encoded movies and media rebroadcast content for use within the UltraViolet and other digital media ecosystems.

CFFGen inputs DECE CFF-compliant audio and video elementary streams, text and image-based subtitles, comprehensive metadata, encryption keys and initialization vectors and then outputs AES-128 bit encrypted DECE-compliant movie content for secure, industry-wide distribution.

“ Hollywood is fiercely focused on ensuring the quality and anti-piracy promise of movie content to the UltraViolet and other digital media ecosystems,” said John Stafford, CEO of Solekai Systems. “Our ability to predictably validate and package audio and video frame size, frame rate, IDR distances, encoding profiles, and subtitles creates measurable value in fulfilling that promise for the media entertainment industry.”

Mark Teitell, General Manager, UltraViolet (DECE) remarked, “Solekai is a long-time, important partner to DECE’s work on standardizing digital media formats, authentication and playback. Their new CFFGen product is a notable part of the solution ecosystem that is developing around these standards, offering value to UltraViolet licensees and their partners, and to companies using CFF and related standards for purposes outside of UV. ”

About Solekai Systems Corporation

Solekai is a software design services and technology integration company based in San Diego, CA. Founded in 2002, Solekai rapidly enables its technology partners and customers to increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction by accelerating the design, development, test, delivery and support of exceptional, mission-critical software. Solekai provides valuable “domain expertise” in selected vertical markets for digital video, connected health, mobility, cloud, and utility information systems. Solekai content is already at work enabling more than 100 million deployed consumer and industrial products you already use at home, at work, and at play. Solekai resolves the most difficult software development, integration, and test challenges with developers and project managers that permit Solekai clients to side step the costs of on-boarding and off-boarding expert development and integration teams.

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