Solekai Systems (Solekai) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MathEmbedded Ltd. (MathEmbedded) that will result in a close collaboration between the companies.

Solekai is a leader in software design, integration and testing services for Digital Media and IoT applications with domain expertise in segments such as: PayTV, Streaming Media, Mobile, and Smart Grid. Solekai’s team of architects and development engineers have enabled innovative solutions for the biggest names in technology for more than 15 years. MathEmbedded specializes in embedded systems, and its team is comprised of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of end-to-end security. MathEmbedded performs independent security reviews and implements security hardened software, processes and complete platforms.

This strategic partnership will enable the companies to share technical expertise, lab space and customer support resources. The companies have both overlapping and complementary skills that make for a larger and even more capable engineering team when combined. Additionally, this collaboration will further open the market to Solekai’s customers for MathEmbedded’s specialized technical security training courses.

Peter Bennett, Director, MathEmbedded stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Solekai Systems as part of our effort to extend our services to customers in the North American market.”

“MathEmbedded’s expertise in cyber security is second to none, and we are excited to be able to integrate that know-how with our team. This partnership will offer our customers  unmatched software development capabilities for embedded system solutions,” said Michael Daulerio, EVP at Solekai.

About Solekai Systems
Solekai is a leading provider of software design and integration services, based in San Diego, CA. Founded in 2002, Solekai provides high-quality development, integration and testing in the Digital Media, Smart Grid, Internet of Things, and Connected Health markets. Solekai’s extensive expertise enables their clients to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve consumer satisfaction by accelerating the time to market of mission-critical software. Solekai – your trusted technology partner.

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About MathEmbedded Ltd.
MathEmbedded is an independent, privately-owned company specializing in embedded software consultancy, development and training. Our technical focus is on embedded systems (including complex OS environments such as Linux, Android, QNX, etc. as well as firmware/bare-metal), particularly embedded systems security. Aimed at the global market, MathEmbedded’s extensive expertise in embedded systems has helped customers worldwide to achieve quicker time-to-market of more secure products and hence gain a solid competitive advantage.

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Michelle Woodward
Manager, Corporate Marketing