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    Solekai Systems is an industry leading company for complex IoT device software application development, engineering and programming.

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    Solekai Systems is a leading solutions provider for Smart Grid system development and consulting including development, integration and testing.

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    Solekai Systems is a leading solutions provider for digital video development and video streaming software solutions. Learn about our digital video expertise.

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    Solekai Systems is an industry leading engineering solutions provider connected health systems and devices.

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Software Consulting & Engineering Design Services

Solekai provides leading clients a full-spectrum of custom software design services focused on rapid, high quality delivery of scalable systems. With decades of software consulting and development experience across targeted vertical markets, Solekai adds significant value by allowing clients to sidestep the costs of on-boarding and off-boarding developments teams through dependable outsourcing teams. Leading clients select Solekai for deep domain expertise in digital media, connected health, smart grid, mobility, and cloud information systems. Our experienced consultants, architects and project managers will expedite your mission-critical project from start to finish.

Digital Media

The Solekai digital media team is industry-renowned to developing and deploying core architectures, application solutions, standards, security and user experiences in the to the digital media ecosystem comprised of Hollywood studios, retailers, industry consortiums, content delivery networks, digital rights management companies, equipment providers and more. Increasingly our solutions-oriented approach is tackling the most complex challenges of over-the-top video on the internet and video–on-demand for private delivery networks. Our industry-leading software development in adaptive streaming, network simulation, analytics, closed-captioning, and user experiences on mobile Android and IOS devices is fueling the advancement of industry, With Solekai software enabling more than 100 million living room and mobile devices for the industry’s leading providers and consumers there is a lot to discover. To learn more click on the any of the key development areas below.

Smart Grid

The Solekai Smart Grid technology team is behind the deployment of more than 32 million machine-to-machine (M2M) endpoints for industry leading providers. Our key architecture development for IPv6 based standards, database development and scalability, advanced protocols and routing, network management analytics , and embedded firmware in advanced metering infrastructure and management has fueled hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for water, gas, and electric utilities worldwide. Solekai Smart Grid clients enjoy improve operational efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability in a market hungry for efficiency and modernization. As a recognized innovator in Smart Grid software development, Solekai lives at the intersection of two-way advanced networking and massively-scalable, cloud-based and client-based M2M systems. Solekai clients have consistently won top industry awards for the performance of their solutions in water, gas, electric, and distribution automation networks. There’s a lot to discover, so click on the key development areas below to get started.

Connected Health

Connected heathcare is on the rise and Solekai is empowering the industry. The Solekai connected health team is producing advanced software architectures that bridge the gap between silos of legacy healthcare delivery systems and emerging two-way wireless systems of telemedicine, telehealth, and remote consult. How do wearable sensors integrate with insurance and delivery systems? How do privacy and ubiquity interact and coexist for the benefit of millions of consumer patients? How do cloud-based systems interoperate with unique and massively custom healthcare IT systems? How do ambulances and medivacs stream live video to available healthcare experts for two-way teleconsult? How does operating room video get streamed in real-time to remote surgeons and students? Solekai is leading the pursuit of these answers with leading healthcare, medical device, and systems integrator partners. Click on the links below to learn more.


Increasing in multiple verticals is the need for user interaction with software and system that demands mobility.  Solekai specializes in custom mobile application development for iOS and Android platforms in all our chosen verticals.. Ever-changing processors, memory, battery, display and standards create a complex compatibility and sustainability challenges for marketing executives and product managers in all our selected vertical markets. Solekai has industry-leading expertise in developing winning user experiences, application design, network interaction, simulation and scalability to meet these challenges head on. To learn more, contact us at 858-436-1900.


Are you moving legacy in-house systems to the Cloud or developing new systems in the Cloud?
There can be a dizzingly array of risks, and options and costs. The Solekai cloud team can help with consulting, architecture and implementation. The benefit of Solekai expertise and experience will far outweigh the cost of going it alone. Solekai’s experience and relationships will get your solution to market safely, reliably and in record time.

Solekai clients reap the benefit of our deep commitment to excellence in video software engineering. Our seasoned and diverse team of digital video development engineers delivers a compelling and cost-effective competitive edge in quality and time to market critical for your market success. From streaming media solutions, to content delivery network scalability, to embedded systems to mobile user experiences, you can count on Solekai to deliver award-winning results. Continue reading on and br [...]
As an early innovator in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Smart Grid space, Solekai has more than 10 years of diverse software experience in Smart Grid software development. Our design, simulation and operational experience encompasses endpoint, collector firmware,  IPV6 protocol, head end systems, database, API integration,  security and encryption, and network management analytics. With more than 32 million Smart Grid M2M devices deployed through our industry leading clients, Soleka [...]
Today, companies are enabling the transformation of healthcare delivery from traditional office-based and hospital settings to clinicians and consumers anywhere, anytime. Solekai software solutions are already at work, transporting mission critical operating room digital video feeds to teleconsulting surgeons and campus-wide hospital training systems. Whether it is clinical, financial, marketing or product development, Solekai can address any area of the business of healthcare. Solekai can [...]
The convergence of the Internet, exploding social media, and new phone and tablet hardware is creating an exciting opportunity for mobile applications. Solekai is leading the way with its innovations on mobile platforms that capitalize on this convergence and deliver streaming media, photos, mapping, location-based applications, music, games and more.  Solekai specializes in custom mobile application development that enables you to drive more revenue, and increase repeat customer loyalty. At [...]
With the proliferation of cloud technology vendors, discerning between the right cloud-based development platforms can be overwhelming. Solekai offers cloud consulting services to help you make the right architecture, feature, and scalability choices in shaping your future business applications and end-customer solutions. Our cloud-based software development services encompass the design, migration, implementation and ongoing management and scalability of cloud based deployments. Our seasoned [...]
As the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly significant in today's world, it has enormous implications on the way industries operate, businesses develop, and consumers live. Solekai provides expert software design services to leading companies in in the IoT space.  Our team will assist you conceptualize the architecture, construct the requirements, design and implement custom software, and provide simulation, scalability and test validations and documentation.    Solekai res [...]