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Many companies and end-users have turned to software defined networking (SDN) solutions with the increased advancements in mobile, cloud, and media streaming technologies. These advancements…

Performance (Cloud)

At Solekai, we have a terrific team of software engineers that offer seasoned expertise and astute knowledge in cloud server performance optimization. We provide cloud…

Content Management

As the pull toward utilization of Content Management Systems (CMS) increases, as does the demand for cloud CMS platforms. Solekai’s cloud Content Management System simplifies…


With the proliferation of cloud technology vendors, discerning between the right cloud-based development platforms can be overwhelming. Solekai offers cloud consulting services to help you make the right architecture, feature, and scalability choices in shaping your future business applications and end-customer solutions. Our cloud-based software development services encompass the design, migration, implementation and ongoing management and scalability of cloud based deployments. Our seasoned team of project managers and technical experts can help your company navigate the opportunities and pitfalls when building and leveraging cloud based software applications and products. We specialize in streaming media, database management, networking, scalability, high availability, performance, and content management.

Streaming Media

Easily upload, download, and pull rich media content onto and from various smart screen platforms. Solekai has the expertise to facilitate content management, digital rights management and distribution of streaming media in all industry standard file formats.

Database Management

Our cloud-based database management system consulting saves our clients money in many respects. As Solekai assits you in migrating from an in-house database to a cloud database we can eliminate the need for physical hardware and software procurement and maintenance and reduce your operating costs. Utilizing a cloud database may also allow you to re-deploy your experienced IT staff to more important, revenue producing initiatives


Traditional networks typically employ dedicated physical devices and routers which can introduce scalability barriers. Solekai consultants and architects can assist you in new concepts for Software Defined Networking to virtualize networking resources.


Our scalable cloud hosting consultants and architects can assist you in sizing and deploying your cloud-based system to save time and money by getting right the first time.  And Solekai can assist in creating the right migration plan to scale up or down as business needs and demand changes.

High Availability

Solekai has extensive experience in high availability systems for mission critical networks. Our enterprise architects and developers can assist you in the design and deployment of high-availability


Maintaining and optimizing performance is a key feature of our cloud development services. As your cloud partner, we will help to define and implement the performance characteristics that drive customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

Content Management

Especially for our digital media clients, the digital rights management and distribution of secure content across a growing array of users and devices creates challenges for head-end systems in the cloud.  With more than a decade of experience and a leading postion in the digital media ecosystem, Solekai is your go-to partner for content management.

Cloud Based Software Development & Consulting Services

As one of the industry’s leading cloud consulting companies, we can assist you to create a well-planned cloud adoption roadmap suited to your business needs. Our consultants and architects will provide both high-level and detailed definition of your cloud-based IT and operational services, including considerations for security, performance, governance, disaster recovery and high-availability.

Web based-software development is vital for the success of many companies in a constantly advancing digital age.  But the intersection of web-based applications with time-proven in-house PC and multi-user applications can be time consuming. Solekai can assist in cutting through the in-house inertia born of years of legacy use, and provide the outside force necessary to migrate your existing software applications to a public or private cloud platform. Our team of consultants, architects and developers will assist you with the required services in data migration, application remediation, and interoperability & integration with existing or legacy systems. Our cloud consulting services ensure that aspects related to application security and vulnerability is additionally addressed. As part of our overall cloud adoption practice, we also offer Infrastructure architecture and set up, business continuity planning and disaster recovery plans for our clients.

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"Solekai was able to assign the perfect engineer to this task and make incredible progress with virtually no documentation or assistance from Verimatrix. We were completely satisfied with their professionalism and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.”
- Subrata Datta: VP Engineering, Verimatrix
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