Cloud Content Management Systems

As the pull toward utilization of Content Management Systems (CMS) increases, as does the demand for cloud CMS platforms. Solekai’s cloud Content Management System simplifies the process behind the creation, management and publication of content to your website as well as to mobile applications. Traditional content management systems were designed to simplify the process behind the various facets of running a website; they offer an affordable way to build an effective website without the need of a programmer or developer. Our online content management system addresses all of the functionality within a typical CMS but with improved features that come with cloud technology.

Cloud web based CMS platforms are currently fueled by priorities such as cost cutting, scalability, simplicity, and a quicker time to market. Our development and project expertise with cloud Content Management Systems saves enterprises effort and monetary resources in multiple facets. Cloud technology eliminates the need for businesses to pay for servers, software license upgrade fees, maintenance fees, and storage devices. Cloud technology negates the need for management and storage of hard copies. All of theses costs can add up quickly for businesses that opt not to use a cloud based CMS. Improve your employee productivity as our CMS services allow for multiple users to access the unified point of control for all employees. Gaining access to information as well as streaming and sharing information on a reliable platform will be made quick, seamless and simple. Our development of cloud Content Management Systems ensure an efficient implementation, thus saving your business physical space, time, and effort.

With the mobile application market’s rapid growth, simple content distribution among various channels has been quite difficult. Our CMS solutions simplify the processes behind multi-channel content publishing and management. Have the ability to keep content formats consistent when streamlining among multiple channels. Our cloud CMS solutions are designed with content standardization, protection, and control as the main priorities. Even if you have the most sensitive consumer information to store, we ensure that our CMS architecture will provide the very best and most optimized end-user security.

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