Software Defined Networking (SDN) Solutions & Consulting

Many companies and end-users have turned to software defined networking (SDN) solutions with the increased advancements in mobile, cloud, and media streaming technologies. These advancements have created heavier demands on the performance of traditional networks. Traditional networks typically run off of physical devices or routers, but it is the physical aspect of these networks where interoperability and communication barriers reside. SDN or Software Defined Networking technology was created to virtualize networking resources from physical devices to software applications similar to the way that data storage and processing power has shifted. Solekai software design networking solutions aim to augment or replace traditional physical networking devices with a software solution that will provide the same functionality of a physical device but with greater flexibility and control. Our team of engineers will design and implement an efficient networking solution as well as a realistic approach when providing SDN consulting for your company’s operating needs.

Unlike a traditional network, Software Defined Networking technology separates the network from the packet processing hardware. SDN solutions improve communication, performance and flexibility behind network solutions. Traditional networks often lack flexibility and scalability. SDN automation ensures that devices are not configured in isolation and also, that configuration changes occur simultaneously among multiple devices. This automated communication and performance centralizes control, which ultimately allows quick response times to system failures, changing processor loads, and demands for new configuration.

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