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Big Data, Cloud & Reporting

Healthcare requires effective big data storage, analysis and reporting that is secure. Solekai designs and develops databases for optimal performance to improve efficiency, speed, API…

Mobile Health – “mHealth”

Solekai’s expertise in mobile application development provides more than just an “app”. Today’s solutions require patient-centric interaction leveraging easy to use interfaces, wireless communication with…


Having IT systems that communicate well with each other is one of the highest priorities of healthcare providers both clinically and financially. Solekai has extensive…

User Interface

Medical professionals and patients alike need attractive, easy-to-use interfaces that function logically, rapidly and provide the best user experience. Solekai’s user interface design experience has…

Social Media Solutions

Technologies and social media have combined to motivate and engage consumers to improve their health while lowering costs. Solekai assists in integrating social media into…

Connected Health

Today, companies are enabling the transformation of healthcare delivery from traditional office-based and hospital settings to clinicians and consumers anywhere, anytime. Solekai software solutions are already at work, transporting mission critical operating room digital video feeds to teleconsulting surgeons and campus-wide hospital training systems.

Whether it is clinical, financial, marketing or product development, Solekai can address any area of the business of healthcare. Solekai can provide the highest quality services for mission critical launches, scaling up existing systems and rescuing projects requiring a high level of technical expertise.

Solekai specializes in designing and building connected health systems that integrate medical devices, sensors, video and diagnostics with mobile applications, cloud computing and clinical systems. Solekai has unique domain expertise in database, networking, protocols, digital video, mobile applications and legacy systems integration.

A Full Range of Services

At Solekai, we are comfortable at any stage of the process.  Whether you are starting from ideas or have fully documented design specifications, we know how to assist you and your team to the finish.  Because we have a broad range of expert resources, we can be responsive to unique requirements providing you the client what services are needed.

Solekai Systems is a leading provider of software services and can help your organization develop software, systems and solutions. Our expert team includes software engineers trained in the latest leading edge technologies with decades of experience. Our project managers will work with your teams to identify software project needs and propose a variety of solutions that will meet your internal and external demands.

  • Software Requirements
  • Software Prototyping
  • HIPAA compliant systems
  • Architecture and High-Level Design
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Waterfall and Agile (Scrum) Software Methodologies
  • Performance/Stress Testing


Database, Cloud & Web

  • Operating Systems-Windows, Linux, Solaris, Win CE, Chrome, Android, iOS, QNX
  • C#/.NET, Visual C++, Java; WCF, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, ASP.NET
  • SQL Server, PivotTable Reports
  • Custom UI development with WPD/XAML, MVVM; Winforms, Webforms; HTML5, Silverlight
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JSON; XML/XSLT, SOAP, AJAX; IIS, STL, ATL, other Internet Web Tools
  • COM, ADO, various APIs; Driver development, DLLs; PEG+, DirectX, GDI

mHealth Mobile Health

  • Custom Mobile Medical Applications
    • iOS: Objective C, Xamarin.iOS, Swift
    • Android: Java, Xamarin.Android
    • Windows Phone

Connected Health Technologies

  • Embedded Software – C/C++ and Assembler running on custom or commercial embedded CPUs (ARM, Coldfire, DSPs, microcontrollers, 8-32 bit legacy processors
  • Real-time Operating Systems (including ThreadX, Integrity, RTOS32, CE, .NET Compact Frameworkd, VxWorks, Nucleus, pSOS, Linux, QNX, as well as custom kernels) and IDEs (Eclipoise, MULTI, Seehau)
  • COM, ADO, various APIs, Driver Development, DLLs; PEG, DirectX, GDI
  • Digital Video Standards- ATSC, DVB-C, C2, T, T2, S, DSS, IPTV

User Interface

  • Requirements and Workflow
    • Mockups
    • Wireframes
    • Prototypes
  • Graphical Design
  • Architecture
  • Localization


Data formats supported for integration and interfacing with clinical systems:

  • HL7 (Including FIHR)
  • XML
  • JSON
  • CDO
  • CCR
  • CCD
  • IHE
  • CPT
  • NDC
  • EDI/ANSI X12
  • ASTM
  • CSV
  • ICD-9
  • ICD-10
  • Custom and Proprietary Formats

Social Media & Customized Web Applications

Customized Web Applications:

  • HTML5, including Java Script, C553, SVG, Ajax
  • Silverlight, other development tools and frameworks
  • Database design and implementation

Custom Mobile Medical:

  • iOS: Objective C, Xamarin.iOS, Swift
  • Android: Java, Xamarin.Android
  • Windows Phone
“…the Solekai team did a great job completing the Opus VPN Link testing project on schedule and exceeding expectations for the quality of the data produced. The data facilitated an agreement to use VPN as part of the solution for a key customer deliverable. Thanks to the Solekai team!”
- Anay Panvalkar, TiVo
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