Software & Systems for Media Bitstreams

Software development for bitstreams is becoming increasingly important as more functionality is being driven by stream data, such as stream events, service information, and private data streams. Each bitstream consists of a user-defined elementary stream which is transmitted over a standard modulator. This modulator is generally commissioned by the broadcaster for preliminary and final acceptance testing. Solekai has the ability to build customized bitstreams or modify existing ones. For example, a bitstream could include a private descriptor, custom application data, or specific conditional access information.

A bitstream is invaluable to equipment manufacturers in preparation for integration, certification, black box testing, white box testing, as well as in the maturation of a product’s code. Software design for bitstreams is a highly specialized capability requiring a unique set of skills. Expertise on this subject also requires a detailed knowledge of testing, software development, set-top box design, and operation. Solekai supports the widely adopted industry standards, such as H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 among many others.

Bitstreams enable accurate and efficient repeat test scenarios without expensive production broadcast equipment. Many clients have relied upon Solekai’s bitstreams expertise for this exact purpose. For example, DIRECTV has used Solekai-developed bitstreams to test each new set-top box that has come to market since 2002. Below, we have provided a high-level overview of how bitstreams work.

Bitstreams: High-level Overview

bitstreams high level overview


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