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As a high-caliber source of digital broadcast technology development, Solekai provides support for advanced Digital Broadcast Satellite initiatives, as well as architecture for mixing national and local broadcast content. It is through our partnerships with digital video industry leaders such as AMD, Conexant, DIRECTV, TV Guide and TiVo, that our team of expert engineers can consistently deliver successful results for a wide range of product development projects.

Solekai has long been engaged with major Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) providers to design, develop and maintain the certification test suites for licensed set-top-box (STB) developers. Through our broadcast engineering technology, each new broadcast multiplex specification can be changed or enhanced to best develop the associated STB functional requirements. We also maintain a key regression test facility, where we can continuously test the operational functionality in each new STB or software version.

National broadcasters with an extensive video network system that enable real-time integration of combinations of national broadcast feeds with significantly localized content for its customers.

Whether your needs encompass architecture, design, integration, simulation, scalability, or test the experts at Solekai can provide a rapidly available market solution to fit your needs. Solekai broadcast solutions serve as a key software building block for to a growing array of winning clients.

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