IPTV Broadcast Software Solutions

Solekai’s architects, developers and project managers specialize in the development of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) software. Traditional television is delivered through terrestrial, cable, and satellite formats, but increasingly broadcasters are adopting a growing consumer preference for IPTV, and new technology systems being integrated and released. IPTV offers more viewing capabilities for regularly scheduled broadcasts, replays of TV shows and broadcast events, and video on demand (VOD) streaming solutions.

Solekai’s vast experience with Digital Media is leveraged by multiple clients to produce and integrate exceptional IPTV software and user experiences. Solekai integrates IPTV encoders, streaming solutions and middleware for leading global brands such as TiVo. Solekai engineers facilitate the integration of adaptive bit rate streaming that automates various steps in processing including video transcoding, video editing, video integration and video delivery. With the proliferation of phones and tables, Solekai –enabled IPTV solutions are now expanded to 2nd screen devices. Solekai implementations of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) systems also assist our clients by conducting automated analyses of video content before delivery.


Solekai’s experience and processes in IPTV software development for 2nd screen devices includes adherence to the IP Multimedia Service (IMS) architecture that permits simultaneous peer-to-peer delivery of streaming video and voice. This integration has allowed us to formulate processes to ensure interactive user designs that meet or surpasses industry standards. Standards include specifications for:


  • Multiplexing
  • Service Information
  • Conditional Access
  • Content Protection Copy Management
  • Source Coding
  • Subtitling
  • 3D-TV


If you’re interested in our IPTV programming services, then please give us a call at (858) 436-1900.

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