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Solekai is the preferred partner of multiple, global Satellite content delivery networks. Solekai offers satellite TV software and test solutions for video download, video on demand, and set top box (STB) integration. Solekai architects, developers and project managers are behind the satellite delivery and satellite simulation and test software for tens of millions of installed base Satellite set top boxes and Internet point of presence solutions. Solekai’s deep domain knowledge in satellite TV programming, and integration, and network simulation and scalability allows our clients to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while providing premium content delivery, seamless playback, and awesome user experiences.


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Reach is a critical factor in the success of satellite TV streaming software. Satellite signals have a long way to travel from one main programming source to its receiving dish. Traveling through radio waves, signals from the source will transmit to a satellite that is orbiting around Earth and will then be sent to smaller consumer satellites. The need for orbiting satellites to redirect radio waves is to optimize the satellite range. Rather than being limited by minimal coverage, having a satellite in space gives better reach and improves overall quality.

Our experience in managing quality and assisting other companies has led to us constantly use new satellite TV software and development services that yield the best results. We work with a major Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and also with several other set-top box (STB) developers.

Solekai realizes the importance of optimizing satellite performance for companies working on major projects. Working with partner companies such as DirecTV, means constantly employing innovative enhancements to improve upon STB developers. Our team test plans regularly to ensure effectiveness and functionality of new STBs. Solekai will ensure your customers are satisfied with their satellite service.

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