Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Solekai possesses focus on innovation derived from subject matter experts and best of breed technologies in consumer entertainment portals.

Our engineers will design, develop and launch a delightful, cohesive web experience that engages your user and acts as a compelling gateway to appealing content, apps, and services on multiple devices while delivering on the business goals.

Solekai will design a user experience that includes and infinite stream of personalized content along with a combo of mobile first, native and adaptive design. Content Feeds are established as independent sources and used as a Create Once, Publish Everywhere feed.  Utilizing Micrsoservices there is no commitment to a unique technology and thus a greater flexibility of architecture

Portal what we do

We encourage a combination of mobile first, native and adaptive design models with Active and Passive interaction; where as a user interacts with the portal, information about their usage can be captured and used to tailor the content presented to them throughout the experience.

We will leverage the successful “agile team” model of working for continuous development, function flexibility with two week releases, as well as the additional models used for comparable portals and editorial teams.

Improve time to market and flexibility to stay ahead of the times with frequent release cycles you’re your specific needs in mind are why many consider Solekai Systems for your next product.

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