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Solekai is at the forefront of new technologies for digital media, especially when it comes to video asset management software. We incorporate the latest technologies in Video on Demand (VOD) content management, video encoding adaptive streaming, and more. This includes the adoption of the latest versions of MPEG-DASH, which is an efficient standard for compression Our team has completed video streaming projects for many industry leaders.

Solekai’s streaming video CMS simplifies the process behind sharing, controlling, and keeping track of video assets as well as assists in managing creative workflow. Over time, digital asset management can consume large amounts of memory. As technology advances, so do the applicable file sizes.

Solekai can architect a winning solution that seamlessly moves content on demand, saving memory while effectively organizing content. If you’re consistently updating and managing video content onto hardware, our VOD Content Management System can serve as a time-saving solution for you. To learn more, give us a call at (858) 436-1900.

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