UltraVioletTM Content Management Solutions

Solekai offers the Digital Media ecosystem a unique combination of broad technical experience, digital video and audio expertise, and project management skills. Our expertise and our customer-focused approach enable us to consistently deliver successful results to a broad consortium of Digital Media companies for UltraViolet Content Management solutions.

Ultraviolet Download and Streaming Services

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) is a consortium of major Hollywood studios, retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, systems integrators, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendors. This consortium chartered to develop a set of standards for digital distribution of premium entertainment content via retail and electronic sell-through (EST).

DECE selected Solekai as a preferred partner to develop the Compliance Verification Program for UltraViolet. Solekai architects, developers, and project managers assited in the creation of the standards, implementation, and test of UltraViolet stream and download packaging and their interaction with UltraViolet DRM standards, implementation and test of UltraViolet stream and download packaging to comply with the DECE Technical Specifications.



UltraViolet Experience

Some key examples of Solekai’s development experience with UltraViolet content management software encompass:

● Thorough knowledge of requirements for all Roles
● Experience with test system onboarding for all Roles
● Extensive experience with CFF file creation, including:
● Subtitles
● Video encoding constraints
● Metadata
● Detailed ecosystem knowledge

UltraViolet Services

Solekai provides the following services to the DECE consortium:

● Compliance Verification Program (CVP) Support
● Common File Format (CFF) Multiplexing
● CFF Verification and engineering assistance
● Tool chain integration
● Additional test development for OTT features, including custom CFF file creation
● Extended testing of specific features
● Role implementation
● Training and Troubleshooting
● Rollout logistical and engineering services

Engineering, Consulting and Training

Solekai engineers are experienced in all aspects of DECE-enabed video standard and implementation. including role implementation, integration, testing, implementation, validation, and general consulting. We also offer customized training and consulting related to UltraViolet content. Offerings are designed to allow DECE members and licensees to quickly learn the UltraViolet ecosystem and requirements for CFF files and playback devices. Interactive training is provided for engineering, operations and business development to quickly integrate new or existing infrastructure with the UltraViolet ecosystem.

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