Customer Premises Equipment Software Development

Solekai offers advanced software design services for customer-premise equipment (CPE). Solekai’s time-proven, cutting-edge development facilitates user experiences that allow satisfied customers to access content providers’ networks. The usability of CPE software design is growing in importance and sophistication, as the shift toward streaming video proliferates the market. Solekai leadership and experience in this sector can move your solution to market leadership.

Nearly all your digital media streaming projects will require the interoperability and scalabity of customer-premise equipment. Solekai’s deep domain expertise in access and aggregation layering can help to optimize your hardware and software delivery and performance. Our software engineering team has industry-renowned expertise in the following domains:

  • Home Servers, Clients, Gateways
  • Set Top Boxes
  • SOC Experience
  • Middleware Porting
  • DVR
  • RDK
  • RVU
  • Second Screen
  • Smart TV, Targeted Advertising
  • Ad Insertion
  • Conditional Access
  • DRM

At Solekai Systems, we are constantly researching and adopting the latest technologies. Call us today at (858) 436-1900 or contacts us online, to speak with one of our customer-premises equipment specialists.

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