Middleware Integration

Middleware Integration

Solekai’s industry-leading team of architects develop middleware software solutions for a wide array of applications.  Often a large percentage of the risk and the expenditures for integrating a new system lies in on-time and on-budget delivery of middleware architecture, middleware porting, and middleware programming.

Solekai consultants, project managers and architects will work with your team to identify the “change management” required to transition from the “as is” case to the “to be” case.   Communication and education of your key users become as important as the middleware development solution itself. Solekai has an excellent reputation in this space for working closely with multiple vendors, multiple APIs, and internal and external customers to completely understand and communicate the new direction in your business. Once the roadmap is secure and agreed, Solekai developers go to work to integrate solutions tailored for the task. This may mean creating new code, or this may mean integrating and testing well-defined APIs.

Solekai is the trusted partner to take your middleware integration projects to the next level.

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