RVU TV Software Programming & Solutions

RVU software is a client server based technology that allows the consumer to a experience a consistent, pixel accurate, server-generated user interface, with various consumer electronics devices acting as client devices. The RVU specification uses widely implemented DLNA technologies to enable gateway devices such as an advanced set-top box to share its user interface with client devices including smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and tablets. RVU is a digital video standard utilized by many Solekai clients to generate RVU software solutions awesome user experiences.  Solekai 10X consultants and programmers assist with software development, integration, test, QA, and certification.

Solekai implementations of RVU TV benefit both the content delivery network provider and the end consumer. Service providers are able to deliver seamless connections between CE devices, ultimately enhancing viewership flexibility for their customers. Consumers benefit from a user experience that is consistent across entertainment devices.

Solekai provides the testing, development, certification and implementation of RVU software solutions. We have extensive expertise with this digital video standard as we are one of the Founding Promoter members of RVU Alliance™. The RVU Alliance™ is a trade organization responsible for the development and maintenance of the RVU specifications.

With our experts as a partner, we will be able to ensure compatibility between RVU compliant products via robust tests and interoperability processes. Specifically, we will bring optimized solutions to Multichannel Video Programming (MVPDs) and content service providers.

Solekai RVU software development test, and consulting solutions include:

  • Future update path, with 4K support capability
  • Server-controlled, common user experience enabling the rapid introduction of new features and applications via a single box in the home
  • Whole home DVR experience at multiple TVs with only the provision of a single server device
  • Content flow to non-service provider provisioned devices such as personal media players and PCs


RVU is another great example of how Solekai ‘s domain expertise benefits clients by integrating leading edge protocols and standards into Digital Media solutions. Speak with one of our experts today at (858) 436-1900.

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