Second Screen Applications

Second Screen Applications & Software

Solekai offers exceptional, high quality solutions for the development, design, test and implementation of second screen digital media technology. Second screen devices are mobile-friendly and allow for enhanced content viewing anywhere, anytime. These alternative platforms are an exponentially growing factor of the digital media industry, providing interactive content.

Solekai assists manufacturers, integrators, content delivery networks and content providers to leverage the proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks for new sources of revenue and customer loyalty. We have the expertise and experience to predictably validate and package audio and video frame size, frame rate, IDR distances, encoding profiles and other content components for reliable performance and predictable interoperability on a wide range of industry hardware.

At Solekai, we have the production licensing availability to bring leading-edge second screen solutions to the media streaming industry. Contact one of our specialists today at (858) 436-1900 to discover the value-creating engineering solutions that await you.

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