Headend Video Transport Design & Development

Solekai offers leading clients a competitive edge through the development of solutions for digital head-end platforms. Solekai-developed digital head-end architectures sidestep commonly-experienced challenges such as video continuity errors and transport network overlaps with expert design and scalability testing. Learn more below to find out how our technical expertise with digital video solutions can assist your company in achieving an optimized digital media framework.

Solekai develops digital headend solutions that incorporate the most relevant and efficient architecture design and implementations to solve tough challenges like video anomaly detection, problematic domains, continuity errors, and transport network integration.

Solekai head ends are successfully at work for many digital media streaming clients. For example the Verimatrix’s VCAS MultiRights Architecture specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services. Solekai developed Marlin and PlayReady extensions to the company’s existing, comprehensive Conditional Access System, which facilitated the support of multiple clients on various Digital Rights Management technologies.

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