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MPEG Encoding & Decoding Solutions

With more than a decade of experience in digital media and multiple engagements utilizing MPEG standards, Solekai is the leading choice for outsourced design services surrounding MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP). Solekai is a member of the DASH Industry Forum, a consortium established to promote the MPEG-DASH standard.

Soleka Digital Media developers have designed, tested and delivered high quality DASH solutions that operate over various network topologies, including the public internet and private content delivery networks (CDNs). Integrating MPEG-DASH enables Solekai’s clients to effectively reach multiple consumer platforms with a single standard.

As an example, for one successful client, Solekai implemented an IP network encoder and decoder with MPEG-DASH technology designed to simplify high quality SD/HD-SDI video transport. Solekai provided expert project management services, system design, software development, and test plan documentation. Importantly, Solekai engineers delivered critical control plane and data plane software for MPEG-DASH compliance.

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