HE-AAC Video Encoding & Decoding Solutions

Solekai’s domain expertise in Digital Media extends to audio. High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) is a data compression scheme implemented for Solekai digital audio clients. The HE-ACC codec integrates numerous types of audio coding, such as natural sound, synthetic sound, bit rate delivery types, traditional content, and interactive content. HE-AAC is optimized for low-bitrate applications such as simple web interface and web API. Solekai architects and developers enable leading content providers and networks to utilize HE-AAC codecs in audio and video solutions.

Solekai assists clients primarily with the HE-AAC Version 2 Profile (HE-AAC v2). This enabling technology couples Special Band Replication (SBR) with Parametric Stereo (PS) to enhance the compression efficiency of stereo signals. Our development team integrates HE-AAC v2 encoders for adaptive streaming as the mandatory stereo codec in the DASH 2.64.standard.

HE-AAC video software is not only used for building out test streams but it is also used for broadcast metadata. Many of our clients use this to leverage developments with TV, radio, and streaming worldwide.

Whether your software requires an HE-AAC encoder or HE-AAC decoder, we can assist with the rapid integration of test files and input streams to successfully test and integrate a winning software solution.

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