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Live & On-Demand Streaming Software Solutions

As the streaming media space rises in complexity, the ability to effectively transcode and deliver streaming video to an increasing array of devices, resolutions, sizes, DRMs, and networks can overwhelm any single company’s product marketing and development team..

Solekai’s extensive domain expertise in digital media with many industry-leading customer engagements positions us as an attractive partner for your outsources streaming media design services and implementation. From over-the-top architectures, to digital rights management to verifiers and generators, to dynamic ad insertion, our 10X software design experts can bring your solution to market at the speed of light.

Recently, Solekai announced production licensing ability of its new, industry-leading “CFFGen” digital video generator. This Metadata Management architecture has been licensed to several companies including Internet-Based Over-the-Top video-On-Demand content providers to facilitate packaging of DECE compliant CFF-encoded movies for use within digital media ecosystems.

Our consulting, architecture, and development team provides a menu of custom services including implementing meta data structures, defining architecture and design specifications, selecting industry-standard communication protocols, and optimizing DRM partner solutions for all the customer-specific needs. Solekai creates tool chains for our customer’s unique hardware and software platforms and implements critical control functionality for Video on Demand, Live Content, and a Programmable Digital Video Recorders. We will also assist with the integration of 802.11 wireless, satellite wireless, broadband wireless. Other unique and advanced capabilities and disciplines for simulation, test, QA, user experience, and more are available from our large and expanding US-based team of digital media experts.

If you have any questions regarding our advanced digital media software design solutions, then contact us today at (858) 436-1900.

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