Scalable IOT Solutions

One of the key benefits  scalable IOT software is to more easily accommodate growth in business capacity. Scalability refers to an estimated capacity, with an appropriate amount of overhead, to scale up in a straightforward manner to match and exceed the amount of resources required for your business.  In other words,  scalability is a systems ability to handle an increasing or decreasing amount of work or traffic in an organized and controlled solution.

Solekai’s team of proven team of engineers are experts in the field of in IOT scalability where we have created client systems that scale into the millions of simultaneously connected devices.  At Solekai Systems, our team of experienced and committed engineers possess the skills to provide both elasticity and scalability in the IOT space

Solekai offers market-proven and seasoned experience within this category through industry leading client partnerships within the smart grid and media streaming industries. Scalable software design, simulation, and test are essential measures taken to maximize operational performance, plan for capacity, adjust to demand differences, and save time and money.

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