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The convergence of the Internet, exploding social media, and new phone and tablet hardware is creating an exciting opportunity for mobile applications. Solekai is leading the way with its innovations on mobile platforms that capitalize on this convergence and deliver streaming media, photos, mapping, location-based applications, music, games and more.  Solekai specializes in custom mobile application development that enables you to drive more revenue, and increase repeat customer loyalty. At Solekai, we ensure that the creative user experience, software development, and test position you for a winning, high-quality market entry.


With the increasing demand and an ever-expanding list of operating systems and hardware delivering high resolution displays, sound capabilities, live streaming media content, and location-based decision making, our role as your iOS development partner has never been more important. Solekai has the concept consulting, creative user experience talent, and architects and developers to bring your vision to a successful market entry. Plus, we have the companion domain expertise to develop, integrate, test, and deploy the back-end systems and networks you need to complete the overall winning iOS solution.

Mobile Device Software Application Development and Engineering

Solekai assists, manufacturers, integrators, content providers, and users of mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks with world class architecture, user experience, and development expertise. Our design services team has assisted leading brands and early start ups with the one-stop shop they need to rapidly develop and deploy new mobile applications that drive new revenue streams and advance end-customer loyalty.

The Solekai team will integrate streaming media, photos location services and entertainment services with social networking, payment systems and more into your revenue engine. Join the growing list of customers who rely on Solekai as a trusted partner to bring high quality solutions to market quickly and cost efficiently, with magical results. Whether you need “a little help” or “a whole team” in iOS, Android or other platforms, give yourself a head start and let Solekai’s developers lead you to an early finish.

Contact us today at (858) 436-1900 for more information on our mobility capabilities.

"Your group provided highly skilled, quick turnaround service that I would recommend to anyone needing development support for high performance digital Set-Top Box or middleware product development.”
- Ted Grauch: SVP, Consumer Business Electronics Business Unit Nagravision, S.A.
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