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Utility Information Systems

Solekai is a leading innovator in the development of advanced networks and integration and analytics services to assist leading utilities in generating new benefits and…

Security, Encryption

Solekai empowers you and your customers to keep your well-connected, high performance Smart Grid networking safe and secure with development, simulation, and testing of Smart…

Middleware Integration

Solekai’s industry-leading team of Smart Grid pioneers architect, and develop middleware software solutions for for a wide array of utility and grid applications. Middleware architecture…

Making the Smart Grid Smart

As an early innovator in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Smart Grid space, Solekai has more than 10 years of diverse software experience in Smart Grid software development. Our design, simulation and operational experience encompasses endpoint, collector firmware,  IPV6 protocol, head end systems, database, API integration,  security and encryption, and network management analytics.

With more than 32 million Smart Grid M2M devices deployed through our industry leading clients, Solekai’s expertise, and rock-solid software solutions stand the test of time and world class scalability.

Solekai’s custom software solutions can be found behind the scenes running mission-critical networks at major water, gas, and electric utilities in the US and Europe. Solekai’s work in the Smart Grid lives at the intersection of IPv6 networking and routing, and highly scalable and highly available mission critical networks. Increasingly Solekai’s smart grid strategy consulting and smart grid software development teams are advising clients on the integration of Smart Grid and AMI systems with legacy and new back-office utility applications like meter data management (MDMS), customer information systems (CIS), geographical information systems (GIS), and more.

Solekai’s Smart Grid experience with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) spans the spectrum of applications for electric, gas, and water utilities and companion grid applications.

Metering: Starting with the Physical Meters, Solekai has the embedded experience with smart grid metering to interface directly to the lowest level of the meter sensor hardware interfaces. We have demonstrated expertise in design, implementation, testing and certification of these advanced meter products.

Embedded Platforms: In addition to the basic metering capability, we have worked on embedded platforms ranging from Linux SOC based solutions to highly cost sensitive microcontroller-based fully integrated products.

Interfacing to Utility Applications: From CIS to MDMS to GIS and more, Solekai has enterprise level experience with all of the key data structures, APIs, & integration challenges of quality production interfaces to the Utility back-office. Solekai has implemented Web Services interfaces for these back office applications in addition to Field Service Support, Network Management & several other critical operations applications.

Optimized Performance & Capabilities: Solekai has optimized these products for memory size, processor throughput, channel packet throughput, battery consumption, printed circuit real estate, and several other important systems design considerations.

Communications & Connectivity: On the communications channel, we have implemented proprietary RF networks on licensed frequencies with proprietary protocols, and have developed IP transport and routing as the original market solutions based on proprietary systems transitioned to industry standards.

M2M: Solekai’s AMI strengths represent a vertically- focused subset of our broader M2M capabilities at Solekai. If you have other M2M project needs beyond the Smart Grid, please contact us with your requirements.

Networking & Access: All Smart Grid solutions present their own unique challenge in collecting the data reliably from the field, transporting it in a secure fashion, and delivering it to the utility enterprise applications relying on that data. We have demonstrated expertise in performance testing, debugging, and enhancing these mission-critical networks. Meeting the SLA commitments of our customer’s is a passion and a source of engineering pride at Solekai. For more than a decade, Solekai has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to dramatically improve the performance and resiliency of these advanced networks.

Software Encryption & Software Security Engineering: In today’s environment, more than ever, Software and Network Security is crucial to modern grid. Click here to read more.

"The best software install we have ever seen. The documentation was excellent. We could learn from the work that Jenny Giblin did with her team to install this software."
- Joel Westvold: Senior Director, Engagement, North America, Sensus
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