Solekai’s diverse and expert project management team plans, organizes, motivates, and controls the task inputs, outputs, and resources to ensure that client software requirements are successfully achieved.

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    Solekai Systems a leading software development services provider for outsourcing software development. Learn about our software system development today.

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    Solekai is a leading provider for software scalability and simulation engineering services for projects needing horizontal and massive scalability.

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    Solekai is an industry leading vendor of software compliance testing and auditing services. Learn how we can help ensure you meet all compliance requirements.

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Solekai Custom Software Expertise

Based in San Diego, California, Solekai is a software design services and technology integration company which has consistently produced exceptional custom software solutions for our clients. With decades of experience in consulting and software development, clients in digital media, connected health, smart grid, and more benefit from outstanding project management software design services, scalability and simulation, and compliance and validation services.

Project Management

Solekai’s experts have developed specialized engineering processes formulated to create effective and efficient project planning and management to assure we complete client’s projects on time. Solekai’s time proven and innovative methodology ensures client expectations are exceeded and high-quality solutions are delivered correctly the first time.

Scalability & Simulation

Solekai often lives at the intersection of complex networks and software. To aid client systems in scaling to support millions of devices or users, Solekai engineers develop state-of the-art simulators to preview, predict, and correct system bottlenecks before they occur in the market.

10X Development

From high availability databases, to custom head-ends to massively scalable routing and network integration to embedded systems and user experiences for mobile devices, Solekai’s 10X developers have the critical architecture and development skills to make your software development project a success. Solekai custom software developers are skilled in the latest languages, protocols and methodologies to streamline the architecture and development of your next software project.

Compliance & Validation

Solekai participates in key industry ecosystems in chosen vertical markets. Often our expertise and participation leads to the development of compliance and validation testing to certify and validate selected standards, formats, performance or security is correctly implemented as a final checkpoint before market release. The Solekai team has created a detailed and dedicated process behind validation tests to ensure client software and systems are ready for market launch.

Solekai’s diverse and expert project management team plans, organizes, motivates, and controls the task inputs, outputs, and resources to ensure that client software requirements are successfully architected, developed, tested, and delivered on time and on budget. Solekai’s project management team provides requirements gathering and documentation, end-to-end project analysis, ongoing client communications, budgeting, and delivery. [...]
Solekai provides expert software design services to leading companies in Digital Media, Connected Health, Smart Grid, and IoT applications.  Our typical engagements center around mission-critical product launches, project rescues, and simulation and scalability enhancements that increase our clients’ revenue, reduce their cost and improve their end-customer satisfaction.  Solekai resources are a competitive advantage for your company because we can set up and tear down development teams ra [...]
As technology continues to advance, the importance of creating scalable software for enterprise class networking systems has increased tremendously. The architectural significance behind storing, processing, routing, and analyzing data has never been higher. The interaction of large databases with adaptive network bandwidth limitations has never been greater. There are various points where systems hit limits that must be mitigated. A limit can occur in multiple areas such as database throughpu [...]
Solekai software validation testing methodology ensures that systems meet or exceed their functional requirements industry standards compliance and user experience expectations. Our software verification and validation testing, also commonly referred to as compliance testing, analyzes every aspect of a system for the purpose of validating compliance before release. In the process, Solekai engineers analyze problems, determine root causes, and correct and retest. Software validation testing [...]