Software System Acceptance Audits & Testing

Solekai was founded upon the fundamentals of efficient project management and high-quality engineering. Our teams work in advance to ensure software acceptance criteria is valid, supportive, and producible in every project. Solekai knows the best way to have a successful project is to work with well-defined requirements and operate with an Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) derived from those requirements. This Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) becomes the basis for the regression test used prior to any system upgrades.

Solekai takes proactive measures in our projects during the software acceptance testing phase. It is in this phase our experienced engineering team conducts a series of tests to determine if the requirements of a preset specification are met. We represent and use cutting-edge test solutions such as the MiriATE Automated Test Environment. This solution provides a complete and automated black box testing and control environment. In black box testing, the functionality of a system is tested, merely analyzing “what” a system does.

For selected digital media customers, Solekai utilizes bitstreams for our acceptance testing. “Bitstreams” are Solekai-synthesized transport streams used to drive the test hardware. These serve as an invaluable resource to selected manufacturers for integration and testing.

Solekai’s systems acceptance testing facilities provide our team the ability to model customer configurations. With these configurations, we can transition a product from the end of development through integration, to readiness for acceptance, certification, and then finally to qualification testing.

To learn more about our software acceptance test processes, call us today at (858) 436-1900.

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