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Software Test Design Management & Consulting

For both standard and agile development, Solekai architects and developers design and execute a thorough software testing plan specifically designed to identify specification compliance of the client software. It ensures that we meet and surpass the software systems requirements. Our test and QA teams have deep domain expertise with a variety of software test management systems applied to vertical market customers in Digital Media, Connected Health, Smart Grid and Mobile to Cloud applications. These software test frameworks ensure our client’s software technology solutions operate at optimal performance levels and reliability.

Quality assurance is always a top priority for Solekai and its award winning customers.  That’s why our test recommendations for industry-leaders like you always include simulation and scalability options to demonstrate the viability of the solution under extreme load.

Solekai software design planning and testing goes through multiple stages of quality assurance design and quality assurance execution. Solekai test engineers conduct functional testing, black box testing, white box testing, smoke testing, performance testing and penetration testing.  It covers functionality, speed, security, usability, scalability and other factors that predict successful systems performance and customer satisfaction.

Put the power of Solekai test and QA to work in your business today. For more information, contact us today at (858) 436-1900.

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