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In close coordination with our clients, Solekai project managers and systems architects use detailed software development methodologies to establish and capture all aspects of customer…


Developers make a difference. Solekai implements key software development and integration projects for our clients at the speed of light. Deep domain expertise in digital…


Solekai developed system architectures depict a thorough understanding and roadmap of how a pre-planned system will perform during implementation. It serves as a blueprint for…

Software Development Services

Solekai provides expert software design services to leading companies in Digital Media, Connected Health, Smart Grid, and IoT applications.  Our typical engagements center around mission-critical product launches, project rescues, and simulation and scalability enhancements that increase our clients’ revenue, reduce their cost and improve their end-customer satisfaction.  Solekai resources are a competitive advantage for your company because we can set up and tear down development teams rapidly to respond to your market conditions.

Our team of architects, developers, and project managers offer unmatched domain expertise and possess a work-ethic that goes above and beyond the norm to ensure that your vision becomes a winning marketplace reality. For more than a decade, Solekai Systems has been on the leading edge of software design services technical engineering. Our team will assist you conceptualize the architecture, construct the requirements, design and implement custom software, and provide simulation, scalability and test validations and documentation.

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“After 35 years of coaching and managing software development projects, the single most critical factor I have learned is the importance of enlisting 10x developers. These are the unique rock stars that produce 10 times the results in the same period and resolve the most difficult of enterprise-class performance and scalability challenges. Most companies have a few. Solekai has them in nearly every office and cubical.”
- Sensus
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