Systems Architecture Design & Development

Solekai developed system architectures depict a thorough understanding and roadmap of how a pre-planned system will perform during implementation. It serves as a blueprint for both the system and the processes behind creating that system. Solekai system architecture design practices will help identify and forego risks that can later arise in the development and integration.

Solekai operates in several different industry verticals, and our systems architecture design process may differs by vertical or by client depending on the client specifications and the need for interoperability with other systems. Each unique architecture encompasses structural elements in relation to the proposed operating environment.

The scope of each Solekai-developed architecture varies from client to client. One Solekai client required the definition of a Comprehensive Abstraction Layer within its software architecture for the purpose of easier porting of this software to new platforms. The Solekai team worked alongside customer engineers to define the requirements of the abstraction layer and then implemented the required software and interface and test code. To complete the project, our Solekai team modified a set of existing application code to use the application programming interface (API) of the new abstraction layer, and then tested the newly integrated code base to ensure that it still met overall product specifications.

In another industry example, Solekai performed architectural development for a national broadcaster with an extensive video network system. The client required the ability to mix national and local broadcast content. Our Solekai team created new architecture for the local system that enabled accurate frame transitions in a mix between national feed and localized content.

Under efficient project management and high-quality engineering, Solekai experts can define a systems architecture that meet your needs. Call us today at (858) 436-1900 to learn more.

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