Database Design & Development

At Solekai, our team of high-quality experts exercise an extensive approach to database design. We ensure that all aspects of a database’s architecture and development are designed for optimal performance to improve efficiency, speed, API compliance and flexible availability options. Each database design and database architecture also features compliant security access and data encryption.

Our open and agile approach during database design and development creates advanced and scalable databases that are simple to use and deploy. Our database design development approach incorporates our client’s business rules and agile feedback to create an optimal user-experience.

Our advanced databases incorporate scalability and simulation help to identify problems within local software or in system-wide interaction. Whether you need our assistance with updating existing features within a database, designing new functions to a database, or improving your database security, our team of database development services experts possesses vast experience in a broad range of legacy and new technologies.

Solekai experience includes SQL Server, ORM, Linq, MySQL, OLAP, and Oracle, as well as solutions for cloud storage. Our developers also utilize and implement their extensive experience with Linux, Unix, and Windows. You can trust Solekai experts to design secure, long-lasting, performance-driven database solutions.

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