Software System Performance Analysis & Testing

At Solekai, our development team implements software performance testing so that your end products will exceed user expectations and create customer satisfaction. As a leading innovator in performance testing services, our team thoroughly analyzes systems performance not only of the software but also of its interactions with real world systems.

Solekai provides valuable software performance testing services to winning customers, Solekai assists our clients with the metrics and analytics and environments to successfully demonstrate high performance. The nature of system performance testing reveals the operational performance under various stress loads. Below are several examples of some of the tests we implement when measuring system performance:

  • Penetration Testing: measures the security level of your Internet-based software system
  • Black Box Testing: is a form of functional testing which simply measures what the system does
  • White Box Testing: measures the internal structures of an application as opposed to its functionality, simply stated these are used to design test cases
  • Stress Testing: measures the project under extreme and unrealistic circumstances, creating a simulation to determine how much stress the project can actually handle
  • Smoke Testing: is another form of functional testing which measures changes that are extreme enough to affect the overall success of a coded software

Stability and performance matters. At Solekai, we take great pride in delivery of high performance software that exceeds clients’ expectations.

To learn more about our software performance analysis processes, call us today at (858) 436-1900.

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