Software System Simulators

Solekai engineers ensure the functionality and usability of advanced software through thorough the development and test of simulator-based quality assurance testing. We develop and employ advanced software simulators that expose weaknesses before your product enters the market. Simulators model real-world phenomenon in the lab, allowing our team of experts to harden and overcome challenges during the development stage. This improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs for our clients.

Each project we take on presents its own challenges as well as requirements. That’s why Solekai designs and develops simulators for unique markets and use cases. Whether your project is associated with Digital Media, Connected Health, Smart Grid, or mobile to cloud applications, Solekai simulation development will improve your market success.

Simulation stress testing involves testing the project under extreme and unrealistic circumstances, ultimately creating a validated knowledge of how much stress your solution can actually tolerate.

Solekai utilizes server load simulators when testing for network security and threat protection. and embedded system simulators to help in assistance with low level performance of real-time operating systems. Typically simulation testing incorporates cross-platform and platform-specific software development as well as porting and support for Windows, Linux, UNIX, WinCE, Android, iOS, platforms..

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