Even when plans and products are designed at their best, sometimes they come up short. Solekai can assist with the toughest project challenges.

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Project Rescues

Even when plans and products are designed at their best, sometimes they come up short. Companies may find themselves in the middle of deployment and uncover a feature or performance shortcomings with mission-critical products. There are many reasons as to why this occurs. It is often at this critical point that companies come to our team of expert developers and chief architects to tackle their toughest challenges. Solekai often assists by coming alongside these companies with a fresh approach to debug, re-architect, add and correct features, and provide enterprise scalability to already deployed systems.

Often, clients in need of a project rescue are experiencing one or more of the following problems: lack of usability, code quality errors, communication in performance issues, database challenges, lost data, and more. Having project setbacks such as these, leads to additional costs and impact end-customer satisfaction.

With Solekai as a design services partner, we can assist in correcting these challenges and recovering from a troubled solution. Our engineering team has extensive experience with rescues, and we can deliver the right resources at the right time to ultimately give your clients and your solutions the quality and value you intended.

Solekai has extensive experience assisting companies like yours who operate within the Digital Media, Connected Health, Smart Grid, and Mobility to Cloud environments.  Solekai stands ready to deliver diverse skillsets to your project rescue.

For more information on our project rescue expertise, please contact us today at (858) 436-1900.

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